LG pulls out all of the stops for their V series. 6.0” FullVision 2880x1440 OLED screen, 16MP standard focus & 13MP wide-angle rear camera, HD audio, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, a recording mic that will handle up to 135dB before overloading...
LG breaks new ground with the multimedia powerhouse G6. 5.7" 2880x1440 FullVision Display (with Dolby Vision™ & HDR10 support), UltraHD recording, & 24bit / 192KHz FLAC Hi-Fi audio recording. Includes IP68 water resistance for peace of mind.
The LG Q6 packs a 5.5" display into its compact frame. It is Telus's most affordable of the new generation of ultra widescreen smartphones.
LG's Stylo 3 Plus brings a large 5.5" touchscreen with stylus support down from the pricing stratosphere. The included stylus slots in conveniently on the top when you don't need it.
One of the top frustrations with today's smart phones is battery life. LG took the X Power back to the design table and squeezed in an even larger 4500mAh battery. The LG X Power 2 is a true all day phone.